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A story for EIT
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This community was specifically made to discuss the album Everything in Transit by Jack's Mannequin. Everything in Transit is basically a story; Andrew McMahon wrote this story about his summer. Please feel free to brainstorm thoughts about the album and how you interpret it. :)

Album Information:
Everything in Transit
Chapter 1 - Holiday From Real
Chapter 2 - The Mixed Tape
Chapter 3 - Bruised
Chapter 4 - I'm Ready
Chapter 5 - La La Lie
Chapter 6 - Dark Blue
Chapter 7 - Miss Delaney
Chapter 8 - Kill the Messenger
Chapter 9 - Rescued
Chapter 10 - Part 1: Made For Each Other/Part 2: You Can Breathe
Bonus Chapter - Into the Airwaves

Unreleased but also related:
Last Straw
Lonely For Her

This is my mixed tape for her. It's like I wrote every note with my own fingers. *JM