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This is a (most likely inaccurate) story...

Heh, okay, we'll here goes nothing...

Andrew comes home from touring and he's happy to be home. He's still with Kelly and he's just enjoying a normal life for a while(HFR). However, between then and TMT, Andrew and Kelly have a falling out. She talks to him and explains how she feels about their relationship(either he's always gone or she's not in love anymore...whatever[ridiculous] reason...). So TMT is about them discussing the relationship and he makes her a mixed tape that really describes just what he's feeling and he finds a letter she left him. We are to assume that things mildly get better because they go on a trip together. I'm guessing one they'd been planning for awhile and decided to still go on. However, it doesn't go so well. Their relationship really falls apart and she can't stand being near him or dealing with him and the trip ends up being a disaster. The ride home she's just counting the minutes until she doesn't have to be with him and he's just hoping the plane keeps going because once they get home, they're done.

However, after this upsetting end of a three year relationship, Andrew is now ready to move on. He still has to get over it, but he's ready to move on with his life. Between I'M READY and LA LA LIE he meets this Arin chick. They persue a relationship. In LA LA LIE he's basically telling Kelly that he's done writing her songs and doing things for her and that he's going back to his new girl in July(after Warped maybe?? i dunno). Then there’s DARK BLUE which, sort of confuses me in terms of fitting the story line, but here’s an attempt: Arin and Andrew are together and they are going too fast, or he’s going too fast for her((the “suggesting it’s best i slow down” lyric...i guess)). Andrew senses something’s wrong with him and Arin, but overall, they’re fine. Then MISS DELANEY hits, and he’s just out there and blunt with what he’s feeling abut Arin. She’s been ignoring him and ‘treating him like he’s dead.’ Once again, the relationship is starting to fail, but Andrew isn’t too upset because she’s treating him so bad. Maybe Arin heard something like Andrew was cheating on her or something because he has to convince her that he’d never lie to her. Sure, we’ll go with that. Now KILL THE MESSENGER is another one that’s difficult in terms of the chorus.
Him and Arin are on hold, or they’re just not dealing well with eachother. He walks by her apartment and the colours are dim and things don’t seem right. The chorus is going to be a far-fetched interpretion, so completely exclude it if it’s stupid...
Kelly(or possibly someone else) told Arin something that wasn’t to her liking...something about Andrew. Arin confronts Andrew and gets mad at him, but he’s like “Don’t get mad at me for what someone else said.” And if it is Kelly who told Arin then it’s sort of weird how he refers to her as ‘somone he used to know.’ THREE YEAR RELATIONSHIP ANDREW! This is when Arin is finally done with him and they break up. RESCUED is about him dealing with the loss of both girls. It’s very difficult for him to get over both and he’s really hurting, but he doesn’t want to get rescued because he could just get hurt again. For all of the pain it’s causing him, he needs to deal with it for himself.

After MISS DELANEY him and Arin completely break up. He misses Kelly and realizes how much he loves her and wants to get back with her, but she refuses. “Oh my God this hurts like hell...” he’s hurting...bottem line. Then the chorus could be how Kelly tells him all these things she’s heard about him and Arin and he refers to ARIN as somone he used to know, making her seem like a fling so he can get Kelly back. He walks by her apartment and he’s stewing in self pity...(lol, i dunno). Then RESCUED is still basically the same thing. He’s hurting, but he doesn’t want anyone to help him or comfort him. He needs to get over Kelly and move on for good.

So, THEN MFEO is I think reminiscing about both girls and the year he had-- how him and Arin were made for eachother. But then Kelly comes in during YCB when it’s the last time they’re together...you know, making out in his nice warm car...(((yeah, making out...))). But he’s saying you can breath now...he’s letting her go for good and she’s free...or they’re both free from him.

INTO THE AIRWAVES is just about his good friend who had moved away while he was on tour and he wrote the song, but then they moved back....so, yeah, that doesn’t really have to do with the dramatic sopa opera aspect of the story,but it was crucial to his year.

THERE IT IS! Very one dimensional and all the obvious answers. I’m sure there are cooler versions or more twisted versions which would be awesome to hear. I think the child should just write a freaking book. I know it’s his personal life, but he wrote it in song form, why not just clarify it for the rest of us??

Thank you for reading. I hope it made some kind of sense.


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